Should I replace the main water line?

Without a doubt, plumbing-related issues have to be taken care of immediately. Every homeowner or tenant in Chicago would rather avoid having any sewer line emergencies. In Northshore, Northwest Suburbs, Il, the main water line replacement cost could get very pricey. The best way to save yourself from a headache and the bank account from draining is to have regular inspections and educate yourself on early signals of upcoming problems with sewer lines.


Signs that you have damage on your waterline

The sewer line is one of the essential parts of each plumbing system. Whenever something goes wrong with it, a responsible homeowner will easily recognize signals of damage, blockage, or other issues and report them to a trusted technician.  

Early indicators that you need to call your plumber ASAP are:

  • Poor water pressure. Noticing that cold or hot water pressure is dropping could mean a leakage somewhere on the mainline. People who own heating boilers should make sure they don't use up all of the hot water. Commonly if the water pressure decreases each time you use the shower or tap - there is a possibility of an issue. The water supply line could be damaged outside as well as inside. Not taking care of that sooner would lead to a major emergency in your house, causing more destruction. 

  • The water bill is getting higher. When a significant leak or damage affects the water pressure, a minor leak has all chances to go unnoticed. Leaking faucets or pipes under the kitchen sink will get attention and will be easily fixed. At the same time, even the slightest damage and leakage on the main water line will affect the water bill. As it’s not treated, the water would constantly run, and at the end of the month, homeowners are blown away with the amount they asked to pay. That would be a good time for a professional inspection to check the state of the main water line. 

  • Little streams or puddles of water outside the house. This is a serious signal of a damaged sewer line. The main water line connecting residential houses to a local community’s sewer line goes through the garden, parking, or other nearby territories. Having breakage on private sewer lines will not only affect one's plumbing systems and water bills but can cause an emergency for the entire street. 

  • Noticeable minor destructions. Meaning growing mold on the ground levels of the house or basements. Other examples could be mildew in the garage or any area that is close to the sewer line itself. Sometimes, there could be small cracks in the building foundation in terrible cases. All of that could be caused by breakage on the main water line as it causes changes in the soil where the house is located. 

  • Discoloration and odor come from the drains. Once the sewer line has been damaged, the dirt from outside can easily get into the water supply flow. Such scenarios lead to bacteria spreading, which certainly poses a danger to the whole household. The unbearable odor is an indicator of issues with the waste removal system. Change in the waters’ smell, texture, and color is a sign to get in touch with the plumbing company. 

What could be causing issues or damage? 

People, in most cases, couldn’t control the reasons for major water line damage. Located underground pipelines have a considerable effect from external factors such as soil freezing, trees accidents, and disruptions in the ground. On the other hand, the condition of material, corrosion, and internal water pressure could cause emergencies. 

Cases when sewer line replacement is necessary

  • The material of the pipes is worn out from years of service. In that case, replacing a part of the sewer line would be only a temporary solution, and there is a possibility of future leakage down the line. Replacing an entire line would be the best long-lasting solution. 

  • Plumbing companies warn that even the main water line made out of the best materials should be replaced in 50 years. That’s why before buying an old property, a plumbing inspection is a must to avoid unfortunate surprises along the way. 

  • Constantly having issues with the current mainline is a good signal for homeowners to replace it finally. There is a choice between paying one time for a new system or paying more for every repair throughout the years.

  • It’s cheaper to re-install the sewer line than fix all the damage. In some cases, homeowners turn to plumbers when it’s already too late for repairs. With the proper estimation and calculation, it would be clear that replacing the line would cost you less.

In any way, consultation from a professional plumber is really helpful for making the right decision. Only an experienced team can estimate the state of your main water line and find the best fitting solution for everyone. 

Where to find help 

When it comes to plumbing, it's always better to rely on technicians with long-time experience and a high level of expertise. Only quality service can guarantee the right solution for a specific situation. Some plumbing emergencies require a replacement of the main water line. While some could be solved with repair work or replacement of a couple of details. Trusting a professional eye means saving your money in the long run and keeping yourself away from a headache when the temporary solution doesn't work. 

Wrapping it up, it’s essential to mention that every plumbing emergency and situation is different. Only a skilled professional can give a precise estimation of the state of the main water line. The best policy in any household supplying system is the prevention of any emergencies. That way, after seeing signals of any damage, it’s better to contact the local plumbing company you can trust. Annual inspections and treating each issue in the early stage will save your household from more significant disasters. Make sure to do the research on the local plumbing company